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        2. Wenling fangzhou life-saving equipment Co., LTD. is located in wenling city of zhejiang province industrial park. Is a set design, development, production, sales in the integration of enterprise specializing in the production of series of warm life jackets.
          Company with technology development, strengthen internal management, has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, product by China classification society CCS factory pattern approval, and the fishing vessel inspection bureau pattern recognition, won several national patents.
          Company with professional team, strict management, excellent equipment, high-quality brand focus on building the ark. Company production of warm jackets, waterproof, prevent oil, fire prevention, anti-static, wind resistance, warmth and warning glance, emergency call, and other functions, applicable at sea, cold, wind and other working environment; Product is composed of multilayer ultrathin model environmental protection materials in spirit, operation nimble and shoulder with reflective tape and whistle for help.
          Company was established in June 18, 2009, with the current advanced technology production lines, annual production capacity of 1 million pieces after years of operation, products covered the domestic coastal provinces, cities and inland areas, is fishery insurance association, ningbo city, zhejiang province fixed-point production factory. The company pursues "technology first, quality first, customer first, first-class service" the purpose of the concept, sincerely serve the broad masses of old and new customers at home and abroad.
          Companies rely on scientific and technological progress, and constantly in terms of product development and technological transformation, the active adoption of international standards and foreign advanced production, the pursuit of scientific management, firmly establish a "quality first, customer first" management idea. The aims of the company, constantly relying on scientific and technological progress, the active adoption of domestic and foreign advanced standards organization production, in order to "quality of survival, science and technology for development" sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign new old customer presence!

          • 電話:0576-81625508
          • 手機:13858698488

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