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        2. Xiangshan: "rest assured agricultural capital to the countryside, security products into the boat"

          點擊次數:  信息來源:  發布時間:2021-08-03 09:46:10  【打印此頁】  【關閉
          As 2011 national fishing Marine product quality a clampdown on the "3 · 15 boats," one of the series of activities, "agricultural capital to the countryside and security products aboard" launching ceremony was held in xiangshan shipu fishing port.
          Agricultural CPC leading group members, chief economist zhang yuxiang attend activities and speech. The province ocean and fishing bureau chief Joseph chao, vice mayor Xu Mingfu participated in the activities, etc. The ministry of agriculture fishing vessel inspection bureau chief LiuZheng ceremony.
          China is the world's fishing boat big country, the number of Chinese fishing boats in the world a quarter of the number of boats. But in recent years China's fishing boats because of their poor old equipment, the quality of the products such as causes of fishermen killed, missing and wreck phenomenon occurs frequently, fishery production safety situation grim. This year, the ministry of agriculture nine departments jointly launched the national agricultural materials such as anti-counterfeiting special operation, for the first time fishing Marine product, as one of the agricultural capital impact point, the purpose is to improve the quality of fishing boat Marine product, to ensure that the fishermen use safe, trust of Marine product, meet the needs of peace fishery and modern fishery, protecting the rights and interests of fishermen.
          Start ceremony, representatives from fishing boat Marine product manufacturing enterprises and fishermen on behalf of the speech, the site has more than 30 enterprises shows the high quality, trust of Marine product, convenient owner and fishermen independent choice. The scene also openly destroyed a batch of inferior Marine product.
          The event was hosted by the ministry of agriculture, the provincial government, ministry of agriculture, fishing vessel inspection bureau province, fishing vessel inspection bureau, the municipal oceanic &fishery administration, xiangshan undertaken by the government. In 2011 the national Marine fishing boats mid product quality campaign work communication meeting was held on the same day.

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