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        2. Mutual insurance new life jacket saved the life of a fisherman

          點擊次數:  信息來源:  發布時間:2021-08-16 09:57:58  【打印此頁】  【關閉
          On November 9, yuhuan camp gate street agency yuhuan Marine group co., LTD., the steel fishing boat "zhejiang jade yu 2038" captain liang also silver to the fishery mutual insurance association of zhejiang province yuhuan office thanks.
          Originally, at 2 in the morning on October 28, 50, "zhejiang jade yu 2038" ship pengjia islet in the east China sea waters (40 points 122 degrees east longitude, 36 degrees north latitude 39 points) production, put the net in the process of operation, careless LuoAXiang HuBeiJi crew were involved in the sea. Due to the crew LuoAXiang drowning in association with which has the function of reflective warning marks the new work life jacket, fishing boat crew at the position was determined by the searchlight soon, and rescue immediately. Twenty minutes later, the crew LuoAXiang drowning successful rescue.
          According to the captain liang also silver is introduced: new life jacket not only have the function of reflective warning marks, and wearing light warm, have waterproof function, as well as when the "down" when "raincoat," the crew all scrambled to wear. During the night, the surface of the poor visibility, and there are 7 to 8 class gale, and low water temperature, if ever, rescue work will be very difficult, will be very slim chance on rescue.
          It is understood that since last year, for the policy insurance in fishery mutual insurance yuhuan's office in all large and medium-sized fishing boat members a total of 3688 new heat preservation work life jacket, jacket price 103 yuan each, including provincial mutual insurance association add to 40 yuan per piece, supplement the amount of 147520 yuan, welcome by fishermen.

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